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A fun night to support TEAM students.


This is a chance to invite friends and familly to support the TEAM program while picking up some great new items.  Team families, along with the Auction chair, procure great items for everyone to bid on.  The auction began in 2015, and in the last three years, TEAM has used the proceeds for the following, just to name a few:


A chromebook cart for the students.


 A theatre arts teacher (2016/17)  Each week a teacher would come in to give a performing art lesson, which culminated in primary and intermediate plays.

A smartboard.  This is the newest technology in teaching.  It is basically a giant touchscreen computer, which both the teachers and students use to aid their educational experience.

Outdoor education.  Cost for camp is supplemented for students and parent volunteers.

Art education (2017/18).  Each week a teacher comes in and gives a fine arts lesson to the primary and intermediate students.  They are taught age appropriate fine art concepts.


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